Solar Inverter vs. Regular Inverter: Advantage of Using Solar Inverter With Solar Panels

Solar inverters are used to with solar panels to convert DC (Direct Current) output of solar panels to AC (Alternate Current).

Did you know that regular inverters are different form solar inverters? Companies like Genus and Eapro manufacture solar inverters specially suited for the solar panel system.

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Fundamentally both types of inverters covert DC to AC, but there are some advantages of using solar inverter, when drawing electricity from solar panels.

Charge Controllers of solar inverters ensures long life of inverter battery

Solar inverters are normal inverters combined with a solar charge controller. A solar charge controller regulates voltage and current to keep solar batteries from overcharging. Preventing your batteries from being overcharged is a vital step in ensuring their long life.


Phase Interactive feature of solar inverters help reduce electricity bill

Let’s take any sunny day for example.

The sun has been shining brightly and your solar panels have generated enough power to fully charge your batteries. Once this happens, your panels remain idle for the rest of the day despite ample sunlight available.

What can you do with that solar power generated in excess?

Wouldn’t it be great if your house starts running on that excess solar electricity instead of using the main line electricity?

That’s what the Phase Interactive System inside the solar inverter does. When the battery is fully charged, the charge controller of the solar inverter switches off the electric supply to the inverter, and inverter starts to work as it works during power cuts. At this stage connected load runs on solar power and saves electricity bills.

Phase Interactive Feature of Solar Inverters ensures solar panel performance is not wasted.

A solar inverter like this is known as a Solar Power Conditioning Unit or Solar PCU.  The PCA makes solar panels productive for the rest of day.


Solar inverters which are pure sine wave prevent harm to appliances

Most solar inverters which are PCUs are Pure Sine Inverters. Although you can read more about advantages of pure sine wave inverters, but in short, they don’t cause damage to gadget components powered through the inverter.

Also, a pure sine inverter can perform more efficiently if it has a copper wire wound transformer

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