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Use Uninterruptible Power Supply, commonly referred to as UPS, for computer/ PC/ desktop/ servers in office or at home as power backup device. Electromatic Sales offers a variety of UPS for computers for brands including Microtek, Genus and APC. Electromatic Sales also caters to UPS power backup requirements for commercial and industrial setups like hospitals, banks, offices, etc. For UPS repair services, contact here.




Types of UPS for computer: Online UPS vs Offline UPS

Unlike inverters, at the time of power failure, UPS immediately switches from main line to battery power. In case of UPS for computer for example, the machine doesn’t shut down even momentarily and the unsaved data is not lost.

But within UPS category, there is online UPS and offline UPS. Changeover in online UPS to battery power happens faster than offline UPS.

During normal power supply from main line, offline UPS provides power to attached systems directly and doesn’t use the battery power until main supply is interrupted.

Online UPS, on the other hand, first converts power from main line to charge he attached UPS batteries, and then discharges the UPS batteries to power the attached computers.

Usually, smaller UPS of 1-2 KVA capacity are available in offline. UPS for computers of higher capacity are generally available as online.

UPS battery backup calculation

Identify total power load of appliances which you want to connect with the UPS. UPS capacity in India is specified in VA or KVA.

Way to calculate inverter capacity

Industrial UPS Systems

Electromatic sales also provides industrial UPS system solutions including new UPS with battery ,UPS repair and battery replacement.