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Buy Microtek home inverters from Electromatic Sales, Kanpur. Microtek is India’s largest power product manufacturer with a strong infrastructural National Network and a vast network of well-equipped own Customer Care Centers. The new generation of Microtek inverters is built using better technologies capable of handling heavier load and with much improved efficiency.

Electromatic Sales offers a range of Microtek inverters for home and UPS. Inverters up to 1600 VA can be purchased or delivered* within 1 business day. Higher capacity inverters can be delivered* within 5 business days.

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To inquire about inverters/ UPS for industrial or commercial use like petrol pumps, Photostat, clinics, shops/ showrooms, etc contact now. Inquire about inverter/ UPS for commercial use 

*Home delivery is free in and around Kanpur, within 100 km. Delivery time is subject to availability of the products