How to maintain car battery?

how to increase life of car battery

Is it difficult to maintain car battery? Not at all. It just takes a some care and precaution to have a long lifespan for the car battery.

Car battery, like any other electrical part, has a limited lifespan. It varies depending on how the car is used and maintained, but average expected life is at least four years and can cross five years also. If your’s has already given up, buy a new car battery, but also make a note of these tips so that the next one gets a better treatment.  Let’s take a quick look at ways you can take better car of it or the factors affecting its performance.But first remember that car battery maintenance does not require a huge effort, but general care while using the car… and also when not using it.

Tips to Maintain Car Battery

Car battery and accessories:

  • Minimise the use of car accessories when engine is off. Playing car music system, air conditioner, keeping the headlights on- they all use the battery charge. Every time you do that when engine is off, the load is draining your battery.
  • Switch off all accessories while starting the car, or at least reduce the load by keeping it to minimum.

Battery Usage:

  • If not using car for long, disconnect the battery or use your car regularly.
  • Get car engine serviced regularly
What about maintenance free automotive battery?

You must be thinking why not just buy a maintenance free car battery like Solite or Exide Matrix and make life simpler. These batteries are sealed and the car owner need not check electrolyte level and refill regularly, hence they are known as maintenance-free. Having said that, you still need to maintain other aspects of your car’s battery like prevention from excess drainage, etc. Other considerations, as stated above, are still required.

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