Types of Solar PV Setup

Solarize your home or business by switching to solar power system and generate your own power. Depending on the type of solution you want, one of the following setup can be implemented in your premises:

Off- Grid Solar System

Install an independent electricity generating system using rooftop solar PV panel and other components. This type of solar installation has no connection to the main power supply. During the day, solar panels produce energy for all connected appliances and surplus energy is used to charge the attached batteries. At night or during cloudy days when there is not enough sunlight, stored energy from the batteries is used.

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Hybrid Solar System

Hybrid setup mainly utilizes solar radiation through solar panel for generating electricity. During that time, the attached batteries also get charged. Sometimes power supply from main line is utilized.

At the time of power failure, when there is sunlight then power supply from solar panel is used.  In case the load increases and starts exceeding what can be provided by the solar panel directly, then the power supply source changes to the attached batteries. If battery utilization causes drain out of around 30-35%, that’s when the power generation switches to the main supply.

In hybrid solar system, solar panel investment is utilized very well.

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Grid- Tied or On-Grid Solar System

In this type of setup the inverters are connected to rooftop solar panels, receiving
solar power and generating 220 V for domestic load and for charging the connected batteries. Extra electricity generated by the system goes to grid .One energy meter is provided to measure the units of electricity supplied to the grid. At the end of month the electricity supplied to electricity board will be credited to the customer’ s account.

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