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We can execute government subsidy schemes for solar home lighting systems as Electromatic Sales is registered with Ministry of New and Renewable energy (MNRE ). We are registered as the dealer of manufacturers empaneled under Capital Subsidy scheme implemented through NABARD.

Increase your battery life and performance by using charge controllers. Electromatic Sales offers charge controllers for solar panels to be used for installations at home, commercial or industrial premises.

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Charge controllers are also required to use the regular inverter with solar PV system.

Charge Controller is a part of the setup or installation which involves charging the batteries. The power source can be the electricity grid any other source of power generation like wind, water, etc. Solar charge controllers are used with solar power generation system.

The main purpose of charge controller is to ensure that your battery does not get overcharged. Why overcharging of battery is bad? Because battery voltage increases and becomes too high affecting attached appliances and inverter; causes excessive loss of battery water and battery can overheat. Other functions which may or may not be a part of every charge controller are:

  • to prevent its deep discharge
  • to show charge status
  • to protect circuit from electrical overload when the current flowing in it is higher that what it can handle
  • blocking current from going back to the source of power generation aka reverse current

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