How Solar Power System Works


how solar power system works
Simplified diagram showing how solar power sysetm works

Step 1: A set of solar PV panels are connected and installed on roof or in open area where the required amount of sunlight is received at the desired angle of inclination.

Step 2: When sunlight falls on solar panel, solar energy gets converted into direct current(DC).

Step 3: DC is then made to flow through an inverter, which converts direct current into alternate current (AC) so that the attached appliances like fans, lights, television, etc can run.

Get solar electric system for your home or business

We can execute government subsidy schemes for solar home lighting systems as Electromatic Sales is registered with Ministry of New and Renewable energy (MNRE ).We are registered as the dealer of manufacturers empaneled under Capital Subsidy scheme implemented through NABARD.

Solarize your home or business by switching to solar power system and generate your own power. Electromatic Sales offers solar products and solar power system installations in and around Kanpur in India. Depending on the type of solution you want, one of the following setup can be implemented in your premises:

  • Off- Grid Solar System
  • Grid- Tied or On-Grid Solar System
  • Hybrid Solar System

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