Buy inverters from Electromatic Sales- Inverter Dealer Kanpur

Electromatic sales offers a range of inverters for home use for appliances including cfl, tube light, fans, TV,PC, kitchen appliances, room coolers, etc. The company is an offers a range of Microtek inverters, Su-kam inverters and Luminous inverters. Electromatic is also an authorized distributor of Genus inverters in Kanpur.

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Choose home inverter capacity

In India, inverter capacity is specified using VA. Determine total power requirement to run appliances using inverters for home.

Way to calculate inverter capacity

Be aware of the impact of inverter output waveform

Earlier, output waveform of home inverters was square wave. Square wave inverters are cheap but not not efficient. Then came modified sine wave inverters. Modified because the technology available that time was not advanced to create pure sine wave inverters. At present, pure sine wave inverters are the more efficient ones. Read about advantages of sine wave inverter.

Solar inverters for home vs. normal inverter

Solar home inverters use solar energy for power generation, which is not the case with normal inverters. For starters, solar inverter setup requires additional components- solar PV panels and solar charge controllers. So source of energy will have a direct impact on your installation cost to begin with. There are more ways to compare solar inverters and normal inverters though.

Difference between UPS and inverter

Last, but not the least, when does one require a UPS and when inverter. In short, how to decide if you need an inverter for home or UPS? After all, both perform the same function. But the difference is in the way it switches between main line and battery power source. In inverters, there is a time lag while transferring from inverter power to main line and vice versa. In UPS, this transfer happens instantaneously.