Advantages of Buying Sine Wave Inverter

If you are planning to buy an inverter, it’s important that you understand the difference between a pure sine wave inverter and a square wave inverter (or a modified sine wave inverter).

Pure Sine wave inverters do not create unwanted background noise

Best and the most common example to begin with is ceiling fan, most indispensable appliance found in ever Indian household. Fan running on square wave inverter makes constant irritating noise. Even tube light makes that similar background noise. If you decide to suppress this noisy interference by playing some good music and switch on your audio system, the noisy band will expand. Even audio systems will bug you with a constant buzz in the background. That does not happen when using sine wave inverter.

Caveat: There could be other reasons why your fan is making noise, sq wave inverter could be just of the reasons.

With sine wave inverters there is no visible distortions while watching TV

Switch on your television connected to your home inverter which gives output voltage in square waveform, and you can expect to see wavy picture on screen. Try to work on your desktop or laptop, and don’t be surprised if the monitor is wavy too. So any screen based equipment can have visible distortions when the attached inverter for home is not sine wave.

Unlike square wave, pure sine wave inverters doesn’t cause damage to gadget components

Coming back to the ceiling fan, square waves can damage the coil windings over a period of time. It is not uncommon to find cases where fan coil re-winding had to be done to repair such damages. Similarly, sensitive equipment like TV, laptops, washing machines with more sophisticated components can get affected. So next time you put your mobile or laptop on charging with a home inverter that’s not sine wave, think twice!

Sq wave also causes overheating, which causes damage to components internally.

Increased Efficiency as compared to square wave inverters

For example, attach a washing machine to sq wave (or modified sine wave) inverter, you might see a reduction in force and spin speed.

Conversion Loss from DC to AC is very less in Sine Wave inverters

When compared to sqaure wave inverters, sine wave inverters cause very less conversion loss of electricity from DC to AC.

For example,

Pure sine wave inverter consumes .3 Amp X 12 Volt = 3.6 Watt

Sq. wave inverter consumes 5 Amps X 1 Volts = 60 Watt


Summary of benefits of buying sine wave inverter

  • Pure sine wave inverters give clear and clean output voltage, without any disturbances and interference. So no wavy TV screens or noisy ceiling fans.
  • Output voltage is more stable. What that means is that you’ll not see flickering tube lights.
  • Optimal heat generation, which means the attached appliances and their components won’t get damaged due to overheating.
  • Conversion loss from DC to AC is very less in sine wave inverters


Which brands in India manufacture sine wave inverters?

Exide, Genus, EAPRO